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This is near Industrial Area prisons, Cocacola & Co-operative bank, past Subaru Kenya.

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3 rolls.

Assuming that your land is a square, and that one acre translates to a perimeter of 256 meters, you will need 2.5 rolls to have a barbed fence that has 5 lines. One roll of SHAMBA fencing wire is 500 meters. (256*5=1280; 1280/500=2.56)

This is the process of coating steel with a layer of zinc to protect it from rusting. This can be done using any one of these two methods:

1. Hot-dipped galvanizing.

In this process, steel is submerged in molten zinc. This chemically bonds the zinc and the steel, forming a zinc steel alloy layer between them that is harder than the two metals independently. The thickness of the coating can either be characterized as commercial or heavy.

Commercial coating will give the steel a lifespan of 5-10 years while heavy coating will give the steel a lifespan of up to 20 years.

This hot dipped commercial coating is the method we use.

2. Electro-galvanizing.

This is a process where a thin layer of zinc is applied to the surface of the steel through electroplating. This thin coating of zinc offers little protection against rust, and in certain environmental conditions, could completely erode in a matter of months. This method is not suitable for products that will be used outdoors.

Yes, it is. The super high tensile SHAMBA Fencing Wire is heavily galvanized to make it strong and rust free. This barbed wire stands out because of its exceptionally high tensile strength. We have eliminated breakages by engineering it in a thick and single strand form.

Learn more about it here.

14 rolls.

Assuming your plot is a square shape, one acre measures 64 meters on each side translating to an overall perimeter of 256 meters. One roll of chain link is 18 meters long. This means you will need about 14 rolls (One acre = 4096 square meters)

Yes, we do. Visit us at SHAMBA-Narok Town, next to Total Petrol Station, along the Narok-Bomet Highway. Office line – 0716 602 013

You can also find our products conveniently at our partner dealers in the following towns:

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No, it is not. 

We take the hot-dipped, heavy galvanized steel and add a layer of coloured PVC. This adds extra protection to your steel chain link, while also adding beauty and texture to an ordinary fence.

SHAMBA fencing wire is made of high tensile galvanized wire while the ordinary barbed wire is made of low tensile wire. (A wire’s tensile strength is the amount of strain a wire can withstand without breaking or deforming). This ensures that you have a very strong fence that does not easily break.

SHAMBA fencing wire is made of thick 2.5mm diameter galvanized wire while the other is made of two thin 1.2mm strands of low tensile wire. This ensures that you have no sagging fences.

The single strand has no joints and so the SHAMBA fencing wire does not break during installation.

The standard weight of one roll of barbed wire is 25KG.  One roll of SHAMBA fencing wire is 500m long and weighs 25KG, compared to the ordinary 610m barbed wire which is lighter and needs more distance to attain the 25KG weight.


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