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The CSR Team visited various Schools and Children homes on 20th May, 2015 to find out those that qualify for any of the projects listed below.

  1. School Woodlot program.
  2. Tree nursery establishment.
  3. Urban Farming
  4. Poultry farming.
  5. Fish farming.

The criteria used included availability of space, the level of need, sustainability of the project, the capacity to manage the project and availability of other donors to manage the same project. The following institutions were selected:

  1. St.Michael Primary School.
  2. Ofafa Jericho Primary School.
  3. LAPCA Children’s Home.


Attachment and Internship

WPL is contributing to students’ development through internship and management trainees’ opportunities in line with the guidelines of the National Industrial Training Authority. We currently have interns in most of the departments’ .We offer equal opportunities for internship to students from various institution of higher learning in all parts of the nation.


Renovation of Class Rooms at Kaloleni Primary School

WPL renovated two classrooms which were officially handed over to the Administration of Kaloleni Primary School on 31st August, 2015.The classrooms which were initially in a dilapidated were renovated back to shape and the Kaloleni Community was very grateful for the unrivalled support that WPL extended to school ever since adopting it.

WPL CSR team  is going  to implement a Concept Note that will see few  of our selected  products namely; galvanized nails and barbed wire  be a pilot for the “From CSR to Business Model “ initiative geared towards  empowering women who are the major force driving the “ Kadogo” economy which constitute the biggest consumer base.  This is key to sustainable CSR in the current corporate world. The implementation of the first phase of the project  the month of October and will involve microdistribution of galvanized nails by few selected women group in the open air markets upcountry such as Kisumu and Meru.

The CSR team has already contacted the social service departments  of the county governments of  Kisumu and Machokos to help us identify a women group in their respective open air markets that WPL will engage to implement the project.

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