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FAQs - General Faqs

We make deliveries to all major towns in Kenya

This refers to Zinc Coating.

The amount of zinc coating determines the life of the end product which may either be commercial coating or heavy coating.

Commercial coating gives a life of 5 to 10 years while heavy coated wire will give a life of up to 20 years. 

We have introduced in the market Chicken cages, ideal for rearing chicken for egg harvesting


Assuming your plot is a square, one acre measures 64 meters on each side translating to an overall  perimeter of 256 Mts. NB:- One acre measure 4096 square meters.One roll of chainlink measures 18 meters long..That means you will need 14.5 rolls in total.

Working with a perimeter of 256 Mts, one roll of barbed wire 610mts long will do two complete rounds. Thus, two barbed wires will do about five rounds.

Athi River Road, Off addis ababa Road, Industrial Area

We are situated in Nairobi, Industrial area, Athi river road, off Addis Ababa road, off Enterprise road. That is near Industrial area prisons, Cocacola & Co-operative bank, past Subaru Kenya.

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