There are various weld mesh sheets of various sizes available depending on customers requirements.The following are some of the critical parameters one needs to know before buying the required Weld mesh sheets.

Overall Dimensions

What is the lengh and width of the required Weld mesh.The dimensions vary as follows

8ft by 4ft, 8ft by 6ft, 8ft by 10ft.

Mesh Size

It refers to the hole size of the mesh.Common sizes include

50mm by 50mm,60mm by 60mm,75mm by 75mm,80mm by 80mm,100mm by 100mm,200mm by 200mm.

Protection Type

The mesh can be supplied in galvanized form or plain black wire form.The Galvanized form does not need any further painting or rust prevention measures.Plain black requires further rust prevention measures.

From KES1,300.00

From KES700.00

From KES410.00

From KES850.00

From KES1,100.00

From KES650.00

From KES900.00

From KES340.00

From KES280.00

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