• Chainlink height:- The standard sizes of our chain link are between 4 feet up to 12 feet. Other sizes can be made as per user requirement.
  • Mesh size:- The size of the mesh hole is very important. The smaller the mesh size, the stronger the chainlink. Mesh sizes we have are 25mm, 50mm and 80mm square.
  • Size of wire:- This is the thickness of wire used. The thicker the wire the stronger the chainlink. Sizes range from 1.80mm to 4.00mm diameter. As for the gauge, the lower the number, the thicker the wire. For example, 8g is thicker than 14g
  • Zinc coating:- The amount of zinc coating on the wire determines the lifespan of the chainlink. Commercial coating will give 5 to 10 years life, depending on the environment, while heavy coated wire will give up to 20 years life. It is generally recommended that fencing material for coastal areas should be heavy coated due to the high humidity and salty sprays.
  • Length of roll:- The packing per roll is also important, usual lengths are not less than 18 meters.
  • Type of edges : Our chainlinks are either barb-end or knuckled-edge (see picture below). Barb end provides better security as it is not easy to open a link and gain access. It is used mainly for high strength chain link as opposed to the knuckled edge, which is preferred for light weight chainlink.

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