These are mild steel sheets of different sizes made of parallel line wires with welded cross wires at right angles to form a grid. The size of mesh (hole size formed by the grids) determines the strength of wire with smaller holed products being stronger than larger mesh sized holes.
We make Weld mesh sheets of various sizes, depending on customers’ requirements; the following are some of the critical parameters one needs to know before buying the required weld mesh sheets.
Overall dimensions: Consider the length and width of the sheet required.
Common sizes include: 8 ft by 4ft, 8ft by 6ft , 8ft by 10ft
Note that as long as one side of the weld mesh is 8 feet or less, the length can vary.
Mesh size: This refers to the hole size of the mesh. Common sizes include:
50mm by 50mm , 60mm by 60mm,  75mm by 75mm, 80mm by 80mm, 100mm by 100mm, 200mm by 200mm
Or a combination of the above sizes. E.g.50mm by 100mm, etc.
Wire diameter: This refers to the thickness of the wire, and ranges from 2mm to 8mm.
Protection type: The weld mesh can be supplied in galvanized form or plain black wire form. The galvanized form does not need any further painting or rust prevention measures, while the black form will require additional processes by the customer like painting to prevent rust formation.

Weldmesh is made of mild steel and comes in different sizes. Parallel line wires are welded with cross wires at right angles forming a grid. The size of the mesh (hole size formed by the grid) determines the strength of the weldmesh. The smaller the mesh size the stronger the wire mesh fabric. This mesh is made according to KEBS standards to ensure it is of the best quality.

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