Moving Average Scalper TokenTact Help

Moving Average Scalper TokenTact Help

TokenTact is available to users worldwide and is not limited to specific regions. As a cryptocurrency trading automation platform, it can be accessed and used by individuals and traders in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries around the globe. TokenTact’s accessibility extends to a global user base interested in cryptocurrency trading and automation. Trading bots are automated algorithms that can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on behalf of users based on predefined rules and conditions.

  • All in all, TokenTact stands out as the top choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive platform for crypto trading.
  • TokenTact changed that dynamic by allowing anyone with little more than an internet connection to engage in automated crypto trading.
  • TokenTact is a crypto trading platform that allows you to create your own automated trading rules, or follow 200+ templated strategies without having to use code.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust currently charges 2% but has said it’s committed to lowering the fee once its application to convert to a bitcoin ETF is approved. TokenTact has multiple tiers of pricing to accommodate its users. Naturally, if you pay yearly versus monthly, you can also enjoy discounts on each plan.

It is important to keep in mind that profit calculation is not considered in demo rules. The net profit on the dashboard counts active rule, plus paused rules and rules you have been running in the past. It will also then sell the same coin once it has increased by 5% to take profit, while the stop loss feature will also trigger a sale in the event that the price drops by 3%.

The free plan includes all the basic features, and there are no hidden costs or fees. TokenTact also integrates with TradingView, which allows you to use the comprehensive indicators and analysis tools. Finally, TokenTact offers one-on-one trading sessions with an experienced trader, who can help you to improve your trading skills.

Whether you have a solid plan or are looking for inspiration, TokenTact has got you covered. It provides more than 150 trading templates, making it simple for users to get started without any previous knowledge or planning. Both TokenTact and TokenTact provide the basic function of aggregating all your positions in one application.


I can’t be found accountable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information. Please be aware of the risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies. The strategy is more effective when the trading pair trades within a clear range. Here are some examples of trading pairs you can use to run a Grid Trading Strategy. TokenTact is the most-user friendly smart-assistant for automated trading, not requiring a single line of code.

Botsfolio uses the same technique for Crypto management as a Hedgefund manager would. They automatically create trading portfolios for users based on their risk appetite with the aim of protecting their investment against the volatility of the crypto market. They create short-term and long-term trading strategies to help achieve diversification. This trading bot is mainly for beginners worried about risk management. Trading bots function as a result of the rules embedded into their code. We also have the execution component which lets the Bot connect to cryptocurrency exchanges via APIs and buy or sell the cryptocurrency assets strategically, directly on the exchange.

When you select a specific timeframe, for example, within 1 hour, the rule checks the price changes according to the candlesticks provided by the exchange. Once you have selected the condition it’s time to define an action or multiple actions that the bot will execute once the condition is met. You may want to use USDT as the quote currency of a rule, but you don’t own any coins yet. With a Direct order, you can buy the exact amount of USDT to run your strategy. Right after launching the order to the market (or simulated, if Demo Exchange is selected), you will find the new coins in your balance so that you can create a new rule.

TokenTact offers a robust suite of tools and capabilities for cryptocurrency trading automation. Here are a few of the most prominent features that the platform offers. Exchange integration is a pretty standard feature of automated trading platforms. In terms of supported exchanges, TokenTact beats TokenTact and most other platforms.

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