Shamba prides itself in being the leaders of innovation and thus we present to you the Barbed End Chainlink. This is an invention of Wire Products limited whereby the chainlink is manufactured to have barbed ends as opposed to the usual knuckled ends. This chainlink offers better security and is much less likely to unravel and deform in comparison to the knuckled end chainlink.

                            BARBED END CHAINLINK                                                                KNUCKLED END CHAINLINK

                BARDED                                    KNUCKLED

Shamba is a household name when it comes to producing the highest quality Chainlink. There are many qualities that make Shamba chainlink the best for fencing. The main one is that the chainlink is made of hot dipped galvanized wire which is subjected to strict quality checks along the whole production line from start to finish. The hot dip galvanizing process allows the chainlink to withstand the harsh outdoor environment without succumbing to rust. In addition to this, Shamba chainlink is made using heavy gauge wire for strength.

Wire Products Ltd is the sole owner of the rights to produce Barbed End Chainlink under the Industrial Property Act, 2001. This means that Wire Products is the only one allowed to produce and sell this type of chainlink as provided by the law. Wire Products distributes barbed end chainlink under the Shamba brand.

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